Brendan Riley

Founder & CEO

Close to a decade of being involved in all areas of real estate investing. Brendan has extensive experience in all aspects of small to mid-size real estate development projects. He has an advanced skill set for acquiring under-performing multifamily buildings, raising capital, securing financing and bringing the asset up to a high performing standard. This whole process produces extremely high yielding margins for both the company's investors as well as the company itself.

Brendan has experienced exceptional success in building strong relationships throughout the industry, namely, his company employees, investors, business partners, lenders, consultants, trades/vendors as well as the end-user of the company products, the tenants. The fundamental framework for these partnerships is created from win-win structures, trust, integrity, transparency and an ever-growing track record of successfully executing on high-quality premium rental products.

As the leader of Riley Real Estate Ventures, Brendan's primary roles and responsibilities are to continue growing and developing his team and help them achieve a world-class standard of excellence. This allows the company to deliver industry-leading results to the company’s growing community of partners.

Shane Newman

Director of Finance

Shane brings over 10 years of real estate development experience to the Riley Real Estate team. Originally working with his family on several real estate development projects, he went on to complete a Bachelor's in Business Economics and a Master's degree in Economics. As the Director of Finance, Shane is responsible for working with lenders, equity partners, and overseeing all financial activities at Riley Real Estate.

Matt Howard

Senior Construction Project Manager

With over 20 years in the construction industry and over 10 years in high-end residential construction, this experienced member of the team is a favorite among clients. Matt always brings positive energy and creative ideas to the table. We couldn’t be happier to have Matt Howard on the team.

Kim Lira

Admin & Customer Relations Manager

Kim combines his experience in university teaching, conference preparation and event management to come up with an analytical and logical approach in accomplishing his tasks. As an admin & customer relations manager, he provides back end support to the RRE team while he curates an exemplary customer experience informed by his interdisciplinary background (Education, Psychoanalysis, and Literary & Cultural Studies). He is effervescent, personable, and -- most important of all-- curious.

Nancy Saqqa

Digital Marketing Strategist

Nancy brings over 4 years of combined experience leading sales, customer relations, and marketing across the hotel and creative industries in the Greater Toronto Area. After earning a Bachelor of Commerce in Hospitality and Tourism Management, Nancy completed a Post-Graduate Certificate in Public Relations and was the recipient of the Social Media Practices and Reputation Management Professional Development Award. Her ability to create impactful, relevant content that helps foster authentic, long-standing relationships is what makes her a successful digital marketer. On her days off, she enjoys putting her design skills to work by transforming interior spaces for her friends and family.

Nicolas Luna

Property Manager

Nicolas brings 5 years of property management experience in the fields of operations, leasing and client acquisition to the Riley Real Estate team. Originally working in e-commerce marketing with bigbox retailers, he went on to complete a Bachelor of Commerce, Specializing in Business Management along with a Minor in Economics from the University of Toronto. Spearheading the Property Management team, Nicolas is responsible for optimizing operating procedures, vendor relations, and most importantly ensuring our residents and property owners receive a world-class customer care experience.

Adam Canning

Site Maintenance Manager

With over 30 years of management experience in the maintenance, landscaping, and construction industries, Adam brings his unique expertise to Riley Real Estate Ventures in almost every field. Having worked in high-end real estate construction, golf course management, roofing, landscaping, and everything in between, he is a jack of all trades that can do anything! You can find Adam working hard on all our properties, and going above and beyond for our clients.